Weight limitations

What is the maximum load of the String floor panels?
The floor panels can carry 150kg.

What is the maximum load of the String wall panels?
The wall panels can carry 75kg.

What is the maximum load of the String Plexi panels?
The plexi panels can carry 75kg.

What is the maximum load of the shelves?
The 78cm wide shelves can carry 15kg, while the 58cm wide ones can carry 25kg. This is provided that the weight is spread out evenly.



Where can I find the installation instructions?
They can be found inside the box, but are also available for download on http://string.se/assembly/.

What type of screw should I use?
The panel package contains wood screws. If your walls are made of a different material you should contact your local hardware store to purchase the correct screws and plugs. Screw dimensions are 4,5x50mm.

Can I mount 20 cm deep shelves on 30 cm deep panels?
Yes, you can, but there is a risk that the shelves will slide and we don’t recommend it.

Can I purchase shelf supports separately?
No you can’t. Shelf supports are included in all shelf boxes.


Material and color

Which types of wood/what colors are the shelves available in?
string system comes in white, black stained ash and grey as well as ash, walnut and oak.
string pocket is available in white, black stained ash, grey, burgundy, mustard, sand and green as well as ash, walnut and oak. However they are only sold in boxes complete with panels and shelves.

What material are the shelves made of?
The colored shelves are lacquered MDF, while the wooden ones are veneered chip board.

What is the color code of my String shelf?
Shelfs String system:
White – NCS 0500 N gloss 35, Grey – NCS S 4500-N gloss 35.
Shelfs/panels String Pocket:
White – NCS 0500 N gloss 35, Gray – NCS S 4500-N gloss 35, Pink – NCS S 0520-R40B, Cobalt Blue – NCS S 3560-R80B, Green NCS S 3020-G20Y

The veneered shelves are in gloss 5.



Can you help me draw my String setup?
Contact your reseller or use our drawing tool build your own, available on http://string.se/#build. You can get a clear picture of how the String system works here.

Can I buy String Pocket shelves separately?
No. They are only sold in complete boxes of 2 panels and 3 shelves. All color combinations can be viewed on http://string.se/pocket/.

I would like a catalogue.
It is available as a .pdf file on http://string.se/catalog/. If you would like a printed version then email your address to info@string.se or contact your local retailer.

Where can I purchase my String shelf?
You can find your closest String reseller on http://string.se/#resellers.

I would like weight and measurement details on the articles together with their box.
Please send an email to info@string.se.

What are the measurements of the different modules?

  • The cabinet with sliding doors consists of a right and left section since it is separated by a wall in the middle. A section has the following measurements without the inside shelves: Width 37 cm x depth 26 cm x height 38cm.
  • The display cabinet’s inside measurements without the glass shelf are as follows: Width 75cm x depth 26cm x height 38cm.
  • The drawer for the chest of drawers have the measurements: width 71cm x depth 23cm x height (to be able to shut the drawer) 16,4cm
  • The file cabinet’s inside measurements without the shelves are: width 73,8cm x depth 28cm x height 72,6cm.


Press and marketing

I would like to use one of your images.
Our images can be downloaded at www.string.se/images. They come in high resolution and are ripe for the taking, no password required.

For other collaborations with marketing purposes, please contact info@string.se and mark the email with “press”